Owes Shubho

How to manage your task efficiently

I. Introduction The article “How to Manage Your Tasks” offers advice on how to manage your time effectively and remain organized. It addresses the significance of comprehending one’s objectives and decomposing challenging jobs, the advantages of planning and scheduling, advice…

Online IELTS Resources

IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. Which is very popular and most of the international universities are accept it. It has four sections to test. 1. Reading 2. Writing  3.Speking 4.Listening. To improve the English skills we need…

Ten multiplication table using python

Here is the simple loop for creating ten multiplication table using the python programming language. #10 X 10 multiplication table for i in range(1,11): print(‘{:<3}|’.format(i),end=””) for j in range(1,11): print(‘{:>4}’.format(i * j),end=””) if i == 1: print(‘\n{:#^44}’.format(“”),end=””) print(“”)