Data Visualization Using BI

Real -time data visualization using business intelligence techniques and make a faster decision on sales data

Project Background

Data Analyzing to visualize is a process of improving the performance of business systems and achievement its goal also compete with others. Although a huge issue tocollect sequentially changes in data while rapidly changes customer needs. Moreover Balancing the Data collect demand with maintaining the storage using Data warehouse which is quite challenging. Therefore, we support the access for data collected instantly and more frequently with fastest ad hoc queries to be answered. Likewise, our model makes it happen to Analyze to visualization in quite a simple way. It’s a process of Input data collected from the user into an application transforming information into a visual form enabling the viewer to observe the downward trend and hike uptrend.However this model help to deliver on time and give the best output with various mediums such as Web View, Mobile or Desktop.Regarding this Model, it can give result in any circumstances investments occur. The user can experience an outstanding competences Business intelligence system whichmakes easier than others.

This project is a Final Year Thesis Project for Graduation All Contain Copy Rights are from Daffodil International University.


The diagram demonstrates the process of data collected for visualization. While the process is complete with seven different segments wherein the initial stage data is collected from the input field (internal or external users) and store in a local database as offline. However when it is connected with the internet then the data store in a major database which is called Firebase cloud storage. Which are count as raw data on the next stage, raw data are going to short and marge for input in the most important part of Data processing. Therefore raw data are processed by business analytics service where interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end-users to create an intelligent report and illustrates a dashboard respectively. Finally, in the last process as visualization, it gives output through Electronic devices such as Mobile, Desktop, and Web View.

Actions & Outcomes

Doing Different type of operation and process model produced a summary dashboard that shown different output which is more than a data visualization it’s related to business and shows some insight of business information that’s can’t show on raw or other media of data. Data Visualization is more helpful than only sales report using various charts and info graphic view insight into business data.

  • 1. State Filter Section
  • 2. KPI Board: (Key Performance Indicator)
  • 3. Pie Chart
  • 4. Line and Stacked Column chart
  • 5. Map
  • 6. Clustered column chart
  • 7. Clustered Bar chart
  • 8. Scatter chart
  • 9. Cross Platform and Device View

1.State Filter Section: This State filter section has a strong filter capability to filter data by state. According to the state all related data also automatically changed.
2. KPI Board: (Key Performance Indicator): At a Glance, this board showed the total sales with background timeline chart. Which is very important for our business executives.
3. Pie Chart: On the Pie Chart shows the part of sales by the chain. Is It Billings and Ready Wear.
4. Line and Stacked Column chart: Stacked Column Show the Sales growth with financial quarters and Line within the stacked column present the gross profit according to sales by using Sparkline.
5. Map: With in a Map View It’s Show state sales strength. Which is the overview of that states sales.
6. Clustered column chart: In Clustered column chart is a combination of State sales data with the chain. It shows the total sales by the state with the chain.
7. Clustered Bar chart: Clustered Bar chart also known as a group bar chart that can show some group of data at a single view of the chart. Our Sales Category and Chain data are combined in the clustered bar chart.
8. Scatter chart: A Scatter chart (Plot) is a mathematical representation that use Cartesian coordinate to present a set of data to a visual coordinate. It uses linear regression that maintains a finite time of data to view the exact result. Here our X-axis presents the sales values, Y-Axis gross profit in percent and the size of the plot is gross profit and the play button is the financial quarter.
9. Cross Platform and Device View: This dashboard has the capability that can view online and there also have a power bi mobile app that can show the published dashboard on the mobile. Using Web View and iframe this dashboard can viewable on any webpage and device that support Web View and iframe technology.


In conclusion, BI has a big impact on the IT industry. Every corporate organization who manages insights into their data, strategies, profits, and performances thus BI help them to make significant and complex decisions. This paper represents important facts about data collection, storage, process, and visualization output. The main solution mainly based on power BI insight where table relationship and data-driven culture by enabling everyone to turn data into insightful visualizations they can use to make business decisions quickly and confidently.

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